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Hi! I know I haven’t been very active on my site recently and that is sure to change.. very soon.. But I did want to just pop on for a moment to promote my partner’s Kickstarter Project.

My partner Gretchen is driven, passionate, endlessly creative, and endearingly sweet. She writes essays and poetry, creates comics, designs clothing, and works with pretty much every type of content you would find in a zine. This is her first Kickstarter and she is committed to both bringing her zine to life and rewarding those who support her work. She has a beautiful mind and a very wise heart. For my partner; Creating zines is a way to share what she knows, feels, or has experienced with the world. It’s a way for her to promote the beautiful minds or ideas she has found along the way. It’s a way for her to heal both herself and others.

If you could I would deeply appreciate it if you could check it out and support it if possible, if not please show it to those who may fancy it. You would be making me very happy and helping to bring a unique and worthwhile project into the world. Thanks! - <3 Ezmy

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