Hi! Ezmyrelda here.. well, where else would I be if this page wasn’t.. uh.. nevermind.. This is just a blog post.. It’s just letting you know that I am getting back into the swing of things.. This site is hosted by github, and maintained using jekyll. In working with this platform.. I am also learning how to get things working. That’s just how I roll.. The design will get better.. as I learn the ins and outs of jekyll.. and along the way.. I will be refreshing my understanding of markup and css. This method is also teaching me how to use and update a git repo.

Eventually, I will have all of the cool stuff musician/DJ websites have.. but the reality is that we are all becoming more and more connected to clouds.. There is nothing here.. on this server.. except flat files… Everything I offer will be offered at the service which best suits it’s media..

Hope to update more soon.. It’s been a long strange trip.. and I hope to tell you about all the good things that have happened to me in the intervening years since I had a proper page up.. But for now.. sleep.. this has been a very productive week for me.


Yesterday me and Autumn went on a trip to Spokanes Manito Park Nishinomiya Japanese Garden. It was a beautiful and serene place as only a Japanese garden can be, even with a bunch of screaming children and disrespectful teenagers. Here are a few of the best photos from the garden. 72157624774129349

I have a Novation Nocturn. I really really love it. Though there are some quirks I am not fond of. One being that if you rebuild the control map it maps the controls sequentially. Meaning that it maps all the CCs first using them up and then maps all the notes using them all up until all of the controls are mapped. This is pretty illogical but the other thing it does is that it NEVER gives the crossfader a CC or Note assignment.

One day I got really tired with that BS and really bored and mapped it out in a way that I felt would be slightly more useful to me for whatever situation I might want to use it for. So first I mapped out all the CCs to the rotary encoders starting from 1 not 0. Then I mapped all the notes out to the buttons starting at Note 0. Lastly I mapped the crossfader to CC 0 across all the available pages. For some reason unbeknown to me I remapped the crossfader to CC 127 on the first two pages but it doesn’t really matter, they can be easily remapped if needed.

Oh! I almost forgot. The first 4 buttons on the first page are set to momentary with the release set to 64. This is the ONLY way to get a true momentary button in Ableton Live. I spent about a year of hair pulling trying to figure out that one..

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful to somebody or save somebody a little bit of trouble.. So I am offering it for download.

You can get it here. I’m not really sure why I called it temple.. but whatever.. not like it matters..