Today marks a pretty freaking monumental day for me. Actually it’s sort of trivial.. But I like pretty things so bear with me. I am now able to add adorable little emoji/icons in three different flavors throughout the site using filters. Meaning I can do something like this.


as simply as writing stuff like this

Also, the example code as you can tell is a simple gist file served via the liquid tag in the gist file that it shows. Meta huh? Mmmm.. I just love tiny little icons, and elegant terminal based solutions.

So it turns out I had made the 200th playlist on Soundcloud.. Really.. The 200th playlist. Such an oddly even number.. how do I know this? well I was digging around for the correct id when I was linking zmy music to the jekyll page. Zme had overlooked it once before when we were looking through the source on soundcloud.. that struck out.. and then I decided to look at the widget/wordpress embed code and the only identifier was 200.. So I thought zme’d give it a shot and just plug it in. Voila! Anyway.. We also figured how to create correctly titled and formmated post files from a couple of ruby plugins and a single command. So that’s nice..

Zme are very pleased with how this incarnation is turning out.. Not a single build error that we couldn’t fix with a couple of tweaks. Getting ruby and gem versions correct seems to be somewhat arcane sometimes and a little hit or miss.

We are sleep deprived as usual because of throwing spoons at this project, and that will be my reminder to actually throw spoons at our perspective of spoon management and obsession with ones work.

So the coffee is good, but now we are out of it. It was quite helpful this morning in helping zme and Gretchen contemplate a way to get the internet situation sorted.. So here’s what’s up right now.. Gretchen’s brother (an angel if there ever was one) had been paying for Gretchen’s internet connection. He is also paying for the difference in rent for our apt so we can stay off the street until we become solvent. Which should become soon. So there is no way we could be indignant that the internet bill is past due. He saved us from multiple logistical nightmares and for that we are ever grateful. But things slip as they are want to happen..

and right now we are on a temporary connection and likely need to go over to another temporary connection until we can get the bill paid for. Which is kind of ironic and absurdly hilarious at the same time because Gretchen recently got her new current ID back and the primary way we were going to get back on our feet and make enough money to start getting supplies and tools and all the whatnots artists need to thrive and create was camming on a couples channel. So… Catch 22 paradoxical predicament if I ever saw one.. But you know what? Fuck it.. Seriously.. Fuck it all to hell.. I simply cannot be depressed right now.. I got my desk, and my dresser, and my stereo, and my kitchenware back. My center of power and ability exists.. I can sit before my computer and contemplate issues and deal with them as they arise. (Arise Chicken!)

Not only that.. My wife has the ability and time to heal and process and just be.. in her own time. I won’t begrudge her that because she took care of zme for so many years and gave zme all the love she could in that time. I am truly grateful for that and all that she continues to do. I wouldn’t have been able to take the next steps without her.. I wouldn’t be able to reach out to other loved ones at all if she cut me off completely.. She provided me with love and what I needed to do my work.. So for that I thank her and will always be grateful to her.