Living in Olympia is really special.

I am blessed to be able to live in such a historic and storied city.

It is filled with picturesque diversions such as the tugboat Sandman.

Today while I was making a grocery run I noticed that the tug was open for tours, with the very inviting price of free.

I couldn't pass up the chance to get so close to such an interesting maritime vehicle.

I think tugs are interesting vehicles which are pregnant with philosophical implications.. Which is a really long way of saying I think they are cool.

The Sandman has an overall length of 59 feet and ten inches, with a length on the waterline of 49 feet and ten inches. It's hull and deck are made of old growth douglas fir.

It's stern winch is powered by a two cylinder Stanley Steamer auto engine. It has a fuel capacity of 1,280 gallons, and it has an actual weight of 37 tons.

It has a lot of character, and is filled with a lot of cool brass, glass, and rust.

It started and takes place in a local tugboat race each year and was last active commercially in the 80s.

Here is a lovely shot that google decided to spruce up. Shiny innit?

Reminds me a bit of a Gordon Lightfoot song for some reason.

Working on a Zine

Publishing is a daunting task. Which is why we have never really felt up to the feat. We have things we want to say of course. It's just that writing a book or even an article on one of the many subjects we are passionate about feels like a monumental task in light of our oppressive perfectionism.

So it's nice to have artistic outlets that one doesn't feel the need to create perfection in. That's not to say there is no perfection in the art of zine publishing.. I believe quite the opposite.. It's just that we personally have set our goals for this particular medium rather low.. Create something pretty and meaningful to me while making at most 3-4 copies.

Making a zine is to us similar in many respects to scrapbooking. In that it is temporally meaningful given what we are working on. It's something that takes few spoons, and can be done while having tea and listening to music. The process is important because it is relaxing and also because it helps develop muscle memory for other types of artistic endeavors.

As with other artforms I like to work on the outline or layout of something before getting into details..

It's quite relaxing.



Your Google Apps domain name,, was successfully renewed for one year.

Yay! I was most definitely worried there for a bit.. It’s fantastic to know that I get to keep my domain for another year.

And linode hosting is turning out fantastic!