So many people in this world want to endlessly spout the positive while ignoring the darkness inside themselves until they shatter because they have not accepted that we were born of both. There is no light in this world without darkness. Hiding from ones darkness does not make it go away. It instead feeds that darkness and allows it to grow out of control. Light and darkness are like a garden within oneself and must be tended to. You must feed both in order to have a healthy garden. You must trim them back if either grows out of control. If we never confront and control our hatred, how will we ever truly understand how to love?

I understand well that I am the antitheses of those endlessly spouting love while ignoring the hatred and pain that dwell within them. I was born of earth and have evil running through me. The seed that grows within me is not the seed of hatred. It is the seed of universal love. This is what we are. We have physical carnal bodies. We are spiritual beings. In order to understand compassion, and love for our fellow human we must understand the hatred. Then we must set it down.

The true path towards enlightenment is the middle path. I am not so deluded as to believe these thoughts are original. Better persons than me found this wisdom thousands of years ago. The Buddha understood that we had to confront the demons that dwelled within us. We must see the hatred we have within ourselves and have compassion even for our own struggles. We must hold the weapon of hatred. Then we must set it down without firing.

Before you judge. Have compassion first.

Trump summons Baphomet and Elder Gods.

GG and I went deep into trance states and brought forth the inner truth of a recent Trump propaganda video. Through Glitch witchery and arcane digital incantations we have unvieled the hidden agenda of Donald Trump. It was really a ritual using indotrinated larval hue mans to summon Baphomet and the Elder Gods for a massive Bro Kegger. This is a Hateful TV Exclusive!


Ezmyrelda [Concept and Video fuckery]

GG Irkalla [Text Divination and Subjugation]

Deadnaming? REALLY!? You gotta be shitting me.

Ok, look.. If you’re going to throw around terms like deadnaming; At least have the intelligence to know what it is, what it actually means, and how to actually use it. My dead names are Jesse and Fidel. I don’t use them anymore. Neither legally or anywhere online. My new names are nothing like either of my dead names. I go by Ezmy for short. Which is of course short for Ezmyrelda. My new name.

Secondly, nowhere in the exchange did I use said name. I called on a point of clarity. It’s my opinion that they don’t have a deadname. They are still using said name, no matter how they try to rationalize it. If a name threatens and insults you so much you use the term “deadname” for it, you sure as fuck won’t use anything like it.. You will go out of your way to use something absolutely unlike it. This isn’t opinion so much as experience. Not once have I ever met a person that used a shortened form of their dead name as what they went by.. Furthermore, I highly doubt the person in question was given the name in question at birth. Therefore, not deadname. Just a name the person in question does not enjoy anymore.

Ok.. I think it’s out of my system. I am irate and monumentally distrustful of this person for other reasons. I empathise with them and feel they have even worse mental-emotional problems than I do, but they are welcome to the collection of people that does fawn over them. I’m distrustful of those individuals at least as much for the same reason.. But.. people in pain do a lot of things to find a peer group. Not all of them respectful or non-appropriative.

Oh, P.S. There is a definite difference between “your shit” and “you’re shit”. but.. you know.. whatever.. I guess there isn’t one if you throw around words as you see fit.