The Emerald Manifesto

"If you're gonna be me you need a manifesto. If you ain't got one you better get one presto." -M.I.A.

Quite. There was a lot leading up to me writing my own manifesto. M.I.A.'s lyric was what finally made me want to start piecing it together. Watching and listening to my partner write the witchpunk manifesto was also extremely helpful and inspiring. Without further ado.

  1. You are Divine. Trust this.
    We were each put here for a purpose. One of our goals in life should be to seek out that purpose and fulfill it to the best of our abilities. We are spirit made material and as such we along with every living being on the planet is filled with divinity. Trust in it. Trust in yourself.
  2. Suffering though inevitable; Is not the purpose of your existance. Merely the primary side effect. Pleasure and Love are the purpose of your existance.
    Desire is the cause of all suffering. Because we desire so many things in life, it is inevitable that we will suffer. This however is not the purpose of our lives. The purpose of our life is to feel and cause pleasure and love despite the suffering.
  3. You have resources. Use them.
    Everyone has resources they aren’t paying attention to. If one looks there is a way to accomplish whatever it is that one wants to do. The task is to find the resource and use it effectively so that one may get to the next step of whatever lofty goals one has.
  4. Deflect opportunities to talk shit about something or someone with an opportunity to praise something or someone else you admire.
    Talking shit about other people things minimizes the time one has to do something positive and worthwhile in life. This does not mean you should feel bad about calling out problematic situations, modalities, people, or dogmas. It does mean one should understand the difference between ad hominem and critical thinking.
  5. Do not seek completion within a group or relationship. Look to compliment and be complimented by who and what is around you.
    You are complete just as you are. Whether you are the very best you within that completeness is another story entirely and dependant upon a great deal of things. Seek to be the best you so that you may help others be the best them they can be.
  6. Positivity may not get you what you want, but negativity sure as hell won’t.
    If there’s anything that I have whittled down to a core belief it’s this. I have never done anything but backslide while being negative and I have never gotten anything appreciable by it either. On the other hand being a positive person is a benefit in and of itself. Depression is understandable. We all go through them. Dwelling within them without looking for ways to knock yourself out of that lane does nothing but keep you in the negativity.
  7. If you are going to distract yourself from the pain you feel in life; Let your work, your productivity be your distraction.
    I think this is a good maxim to live by. It becomes even easier when one finds ways to learn and be productive even when playing video games or watching movies. Learning is a productive act. It produces understanding.
  8. Never be a slave to dogma. Find something you hate. Choose something you like among it. The world is not composed of absolutes.
    Dogma is a terrible thing. It makes us see issues in black and white and creates enemies where none need be. Look to the spectrum. Look to the middle path.
  9. Take the best. Discard the rest. Respectfully, Unapologetically, Mercilessly.
    In this and all things. If you find some of my words to be useful, great. If not discard what isn’t and take what you need. Always be respectful of what you are taking. I am a buddhist. There is inherently some appropriation within that. I have to recognize that culturally I have no connection to buddhism. That said I believe the Buddha wanted all buddhist teachings to be spread as far and wide as possible. It is intrinsic to buddhism. So that while I have appropriated a faith that I have no cultural connection to, I also have a deep and honest appreciation for the roots and history of it. There is a fake quote often attributed to Buddha but likely not actually his words. “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if even I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Fake though it may be it perfectly reflects the core of the manifesto point. If you find something to be bullshit and not worth considering, discard it.

So many people in this world want to endlessly spout the positive while ignoring the darkness inside themselves until they shatter because they have not accepted that we were born of both. There is no light in this world without darkness. Hiding from ones darkness does not make it go away. It instead feeds that darkness and allows it to grow out of control. Light and darkness are like a garden within oneself and must be tended to. You must feed both in order to have a healthy garden. You must trim them back if either grows out of control. If we never confront and control our hatred, how will we ever truly understand how to love?

I understand well that I am the antitheses of those endlessly spouting love while ignoring the hatred and pain that dwell within them. I was born of earth and have evil running through me. The seed that grows within me is not the seed of hatred. It is the seed of universal love. This is what we are. We have physical carnal bodies. We are spiritual beings. In order to understand compassion, and love for our fellow human we must understand the hatred. Then we must set it down.

The true path towards enlightenment is the middle path. I am not so deluded as to believe these thoughts are original. Better persons than me found this wisdom thousands of years ago. The Buddha understood that we had to confront the demons that dwelled within us. We must see the hatred we have within ourselves and have compassion even for our own struggles. We must hold the weapon of hatred. Then we must set it down without firing.

Before you judge. Have compassion first.

Trump summons Baphomet and Elder Gods.

GG and I went deep into trance states and brought forth the inner truth of a recent Trump propaganda video. Through Glitch witchery and arcane digital incantations we have unvieled the hidden agenda of Donald Trump. It was really a ritual using indotrinated larval hue mans to summon Baphomet and the Elder Gods for a massive Bro Kegger. This is a Hateful TV Exclusive!


Ezmyrelda [Concept and Video fuckery]

GG Irkalla [Text Divination and Subjugation]