So over the last few days I have been getting more and more interested in making a set of my own yarn or ribbon dreads. They look really cute and they would give my hair the appearance of body. I could add a bunch of the ribbons that I have been collecting but I don’t know what the heck to do with. I am thinking that it would be a nice relaxing hobby to just start making these in all sorts of styles. Right now I need a set that is red and black to go with one of my Tripp outfits and a set that is more or less black with little embellishment and I also want to make one that is bright neon pink. My collar is that color too so that would probably be the best color to start with. You can be just about as creative as you want with them and they are convenient as you can take them out when you want to look “straight”.

Doctored Locks is a merchant of accessories and supplies for creating and maintaining dreads, falls, and extensions. They even have Crin for making outstanding UV reactive tubular falls.

I first saw this girl dancing in a video called Decalé gwada. I thought to myself Damn! That girl can dance!. I tried looking for other videos but at the time it seemed that Decalé  gwada was the only one available. I hoped that I would eventually find more but I forgot about it and thought no more about it. While randomly looking at dance related videos today I saw her! The same cute little blond girl that could dance so well! She has the spirit of dance! I can see it! I am so glad that it wasn’t a passing fancy. I love to watch videos like this because dancing is something that is very special to me. It is one of the few things that I find truly lets me connect with the divine. Her name is Elvyna and she has gotten much better in the last 3 years since I first saw her. I am really happy to find out that her mother keeps a youtube account with other videos of her as well. I hope that she prospers and learns and continues to show other people the joy of dance. Go on girl!

Everyday that I am here with my beloved Autumn seems better than the last. My life has changed so drastically in the last few months and I know that it can only get better. Autumn is sweet, kind, beautiful.. All the things I have always wanted in a girlfriend. She shows me that she loves me everyday. So as I’m sure you can see I have changed things around a bit. I no longer have to use blogspot. I asked Autumn if I could host the blog on the server that she uses and she very enthusiastically said yes. Not only that, She started getting it done moments after I asked her to. She even installed the shiny new WordPress install and saved me about half an hour of work. I haven’t started working on any design that will stick around for a great while. I am happy to just get started working on which plugins I want installed and maybe set up a few static pages as well. I adore Autumn and everyday I grow to love her more. Now that I am embarking on a great new adventure and I have a nice shiny and convenient copy of WordPress installed I will be updating far more often.