And she can dance!

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I first saw this girl dancing in a video called Decalé gwada. I thought to myself Damn! That girl can dance!. I tried looking for other videos but at the time it seemed that Decalé  gwada was the only one available. I hoped that I would eventually find more but I forgot about it and thought no more about it. While randomly looking at dance related videos today I saw her! The same cute little blond girl that could dance so well! She has the spirit of dance! I can see it! I am so glad that it wasn’t a passing fancy. I love to watch videos like this because dancing is something that is very special to me. It is one of the few things that I find truly lets me connect with the divine. Her name is Elvyna and she has gotten much better in the last 3 years since I first saw her. I am really happy to find out that her mother keeps a youtube account with other videos of her as well. I hope that she prospers and learns and continues to show other people the joy of dance. Go on girl!

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