Things Are Amazing

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Everyday that I am here with my beloved Autumn seems better than the last. My life has changed so drastically in the last few months and I know that it can only get better. Autumn is sweet, kind, beautiful.. All the things I have always wanted in a girlfriend. She shows me that she loves me everyday. So as I’m sure you can see I have changed things around a bit. I no longer have to use blogspot. I asked Autumn if I could host the blog on the server that she uses and she very enthusiastically said yes. Not only that, She started getting it done moments after I asked her to. She even installed the shiny new WordPress install and saved me about half an hour of work. I haven’t started working on any design that will stick around for a great while. I am happy to just get started working on which plugins I want installed and maybe set up a few static pages as well. I adore Autumn and everyday I grow to love her more. Now that I am embarking on a great new adventure and I have a nice shiny and convenient copy of WordPress installed I will be updating far more often.

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