Hair Falls 2 The Quickening

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Or.. Umm something.. I’ve alway been really bad at titling things. Regardless, I’m done with my first set of hair falls. I know I look a bit goofy and the hair falls don’t sit perfectly where I wanted them to be but to be honest.. I’ve only been trying to practice being a girl for around two years.. I pretty much have had to learn this stuff on my own and with no peers to tell me what I am doing wrong. When I get a job I will also be finishing off the look with hairbands that cover up my hair line and fall strips that will look like more attractive bangs. But I am extremely happy with how the falls themselves turned out and am looking forward to creating more.

Another plus is that getting glammed up for taking the pictures was really empowering. I know the clothes aren’t pressed. My entire life is pretty disorganized right now but getting dressed up and putting on stockings and highlighting my femininity feels really good. It emphasizes to me that I was never meant to live my life as a guy and how confident I feel in really girly clothes. It also emphasized to me that all I really need in order to pass is a good deal of laser and that I should get my ass in gear and get a job so I can start progressing in transition. Because.. God damn I look sexy!

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Published on February 25, 2017

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