Chain, Yarn, and Dread Falls

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So over the last few days I have been getting more and more interested in making a set of my own yarn or ribbon dreads. They look really cute and they would give my hair the appearance of body. I could add a bunch of the ribbons that I have been collecting but I don’t know what the heck to do with. I am thinking that it would be a nice relaxing hobby to just start making these in all sorts of styles. Right now I need a set that is red and black to go with one of my Tripp outfits and a set that is more or less black with little embellishment and I also want to make one that is bright neon pink. My collar is that color too so that would probably be the best color to start with. You can be just about as creative as you want with them and they are convenient as you can take them out when you want to look “straight”.

Doctored Locks is a merchant of accessories and supplies for creating and maintaining dreads, falls, and extensions. They even have Crin for making outstanding UV reactive tubular falls.

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