Seed of Light

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So many people in this world want to endlessly spout the positive while ignoring the darkness inside themselves until they shatter because they have not accepted that we were born of both. There is no light in this world without darkness. Hiding from ones darkness does not make it go away. It instead feeds that darkness and allows it to grow out of control. Light and darkness are like a garden within oneself and must be tended to. You must feed both in order to have a healthy garden. You must trim them back if either grows out of control. If we never confront and control our hatred, how will we ever truly understand how to love?

I understand well that I am the antitheses of those endlessly spouting love while ignoring the hatred and pain that dwell within them. I was born of earth and have evil running through me. The seed that grows within me is not the seed of hatred. It is the seed of universal love. This is what we are. We have physical carnal bodies. We are spiritual beings. In order to understand compassion, and love for our fellow human we must understand the hatred. Then we must set it down.

The true path towards enlightenment is the middle path. I am not so deluded as to believe these thoughts are original. Better persons than me found this wisdom thousands of years ago. The Buddha understood that we had to confront the demons that dwelled within us. We must see the hatred we have within ourselves and have compassion even for our own struggles. We must hold the weapon of hatred. Then we must set it down without firing.

Before you judge. Have compassion first.

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