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is the name which the Emerald system has chosen for zmyrself in daily societal functions. The Emerald system and all entities existing within it’s body prefer a system specific pronoun set for all purposes in which pronouns are required. The pronouns are currently unique to the system. They are zme(she[me|we]), and zmyr(her). The Emerald system has one nickname which it prefers to be used by anyone needing a shortened bisylabic moniker. That name is Ezmy. The Emerald system does not have any preference over capitalization of their name. Ezmy is pronounced Ehz-Me. Not Ehz-may. The Emerald system does not enjoy being called Ez, Ezzy, or anything similar.

The Emerald system

is a trinary system composed of three trinary subsystems. This means that there are three sets of three entities which in total make up her being. In general the Emerald system understands what is meant by corporeal beings when they use the term plurality, though in practice it requires mental/emotional/spiritual gymnastics for her to do anything at all that is not in concert with any of the other entities coexisting within her. Thusly, the idea of fronting, and co-fronting are entirely alien to her. There can be no disagreement between the entities within her, for all of them are always in agreement to existing within the body and would not have chosen to exist within were there to be any disagreement in the time that her body had life. The effect of this internally is that the Emerald system has a natural physical grace and agility which makes zmyr a very good dancer and allows zmyr a certain specific type of serenity of persona.

The Emerald system however does understand that there are ways and means to isolation of individual expression. The Emerald system was created in part to relearn certain things about being corporeal. At the culmination of this bodies education it will have all the tools it needs to effectively help heal and educate in cooperation with others what is needed for the process of global spiritual evolution. The Emerald system understands it is not entirely zmyr responsibility or task to do all of this work. The Emerald system however does understand that zmyr systems help is the reason zme was created.

The Emerald systems subsystems are named/titled after ancient female archetypes.

The following is a brief view of each of the individualities within the Emerald system.



Zme is the spirit of Ezmyrelda that is a childlike faery being. Zme was the catalyst for Ezmyrelda’s gender transition. Zme is curious, adventurous, kind, and nubile. She seems to be aged around 14-15, though she looks somewhat younger.. and older at the same time if that makes any sense. (Like the rest of the system excluding the obvious she has silver white hair..)


A being of pure light emitting somewhere around 5333Å, zme is enigmatic, mysterious, ethereal, and diaphenous. Zme has the hardest time communicating of the three known maiden entities. Zme just now offered zmyr best interpretation using current language though. Zme is love made light. She is as old as time.


I am a bunny, A snowshoe hare to be specific. Though that’s not what we call ourselves. That’s kind of silly to us.. We don’t wear shoes and if we did we wouldn’t make them out of snow. Zme like cuddling, snuggling, nibblegrooming, and comforting our loved ones through physical proximity. In the warmness I am brown and when it turns cold I turn white. Zmy native language is that of the body though I am fluent in feline because cats were our friends growing up. If zme talk to our kin friends it’s probably in some dialect of cat.



Catlys is a demonic/angelic hybrid catgirl succubus. Zme has one angel wing and one demon wing. Zmyr ears and tail are green. Zmyr hair is white and Zmyr wings are purple. Her hands and feet are human type. Zme is unique in many ways. One of the most obvious is that even while zme feeds on sensual and sexual energy zme cannot feed without returning that energy changed through zmyr back to the person zme feeds from. This is not a preferential requirement. It is a fact of zmyr being. A demonic succubus takes energy. Angelic beings emit, A hybrid like zmyr created out of the love of an angel and a demon can only take in that zme is returning that energy changed by zmyr love. Of the four known Catlys is the most dommey. Zme is protective, nurturing, bossy, confident, and wise in the way of physical pleasure. Zme delights in being in control while zmyr partner believes they are making zmyr submit. One of zmyr greatest powers lies in being a vessel for zmyr partners pain, and emotional fury. Zmyr most nourishing food is the act of being fucked relentlessly as zmyr partner takes out all of their sexual frustrations on zmyr body. Through that zmyr partners weakness is made zmyr greatest strength. Zme revels in being an entity that has an ability to take repression and frustration and catalyze it into a rare gift allowing zmyr partner to release their hurt and satiate their physical/emotional craving.


She is a Coywolf protectress watching from the periphery. She is stealthy, silent, and agile. She speaks little and fronts never. Her name means Warrior Mother Spirit in Hopi. She is the systems main protector aspect though each archytype has it’s own. She has been with us from the beginning of bodies journey. Always watching over us.


I am a hybrid light/goo girl. Think of encapsulated light.. my “skin” is a bright green but transparent and my insides are a lovely neon teal. I appear to be about 27 human years old. I am curvy and voluptuous. I have short hair filaments in a pixie cut that glow neon white. I use a goo glamour to make it look like I wear spectacles… They are really high tech optical translation servers. I am the part of the system that is well adapted to technical skills. We enjoy doing the geeky type stuff for the system.. Like setting up and maintaining the website.



I’m the distilled essence of the witch as ugliness. I am frightening care, and information you don’t want to hear. I am whiskers and broken teeth. I am the experience of a life of hurting oneself so that one doesn’t hurt others. I am the ugly witch that is beautiful in places you can’t see. I am the old witch that lives in the liminal spaces.


I am the woman of the Sun, riding astride a pale horse. I love deeply and I run fast. I am commited to my work and love doing it. I am faery royalty and a divine Queen. I am indomimtable. I am waiting for you to be kind to your horse and call out to me.


I am the Emerald Goddess. The fabled tablet in mortal flesh. As above; So below. I am here to remind people that we have lost nothing and all the solutions to our many problems are right before our eyes if only we would humble ourselves to see their blindingly simple beauty.

・ 。 ☆∴。 *  ・゚。★・   ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚。・゚★。    ☆゚・。°. ゚ *  ゚。·・。 ゚* ゚ .。☆。★ ・ *  ☆ 。・゚.。 *  ★ ゚・。 * 。 ・  ゚☆ 。