Ordo Philo Sophia

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A new name and a new direction

Names are very powerful things. Like other words they are spells. A lot has happened in the last few months concerning me, and also new things for what was formerly called the Cult of Babalon.

Our order has a new name and the direction forward is quickly becoming ever clearer.

We are now

Ordo Philo Sophia

This new name illustrates our love of wisdom and also our love for the Mother of Mom; Sophia.

She who came here and created our world and who loved her creation so much that she was bound to it.

Slowly but surely I and GG will create the Book of Babalon, and other works dealing with Sophia, Lucifer, and Lillith.

Stay tuned.

Blessed is the Holy Harlot. Mother of Whores and Abominations. Her glorious divinity, Babalon.

My calling to Sacred Harlotry

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