The Multiverse future of DJing technology

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The hardware and software demoed in this video Multitouch Light Table and outlined here doesn’t actually exist yet. But what if it did? In an age where anybody can download a program and call themselves a DJ; Would something like this multitouch table/software combination move things back to a situation where performance and skill intertwined perfectly with taste to launch the craft of DJ’ing to new heights? It’s a nice thought.

The mind behind the concept Gerg Kaufman is hoping that something like this will allow DJs to become even freer equipment wise than they are now. At the same time allowing them to hook up traditional equipment in order to further the unique performence aspects of every individual DJ. Someone who used a 1200 would be equally at ease beside someone who used a KP3 or an MPC. Or a Monome for that matter.

It is exciting to think that the art of DJing might take off in ways in which we can’t even imagine with tools that allow us to become closer to the people we are playing for as well as the music we are playing. We can only hope really.

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