A new name and a new direction

Names are very powerful things. Like other words they are spells. A lot has happened in the last few months concerning me, and also new things for what was formerly called the Cult of Babalon.

Our order has a new name and the direction forward is quickly becoming ever clearer.

We are now

Ordo Philo Sophia

This new name illustrates our love of wisdom and also our love for the Mother of Mom; Sophia.

She who came here and created our world and who loved her creation so much that she was bound to it.

Slowly but surely I and GG will create the Book of Babalon, and other works dealing with Sophia, Lucifer, and Lillith.

Stay tuned.

Blessed is the Holy Harlot. Mother of Whores and Abominations. Her glorious divinity, Babalon.

My calling to Sacred Harlotry

Lust : Chastity

It is a little known fact about me; I will consider my transition almost entirely over when I have the last of my teeth removed and all of my facial hair completely removed. My transition is not entirely from a "male" mode of living to a "female" mode of living. Male and female to me are the pillars of an arch that we as humans must step through. The transition that I have been working toward my entire life, whether I knew it or not is a transition into a fully sexual being. I will never be full with child.. and this is indeed a small heartbreak for I will never know the joy and pain of motherhood.

Our children will be ideas, art, and culture. We will give birth to a new age of beauty and strength.

Gluttony : Temperance

My path is one that has not been seen for millenia. One that has been almost entirely erased by the powers that be. My path is one that I and my sisters are only just now beginning to regain our power in. We, as highly sexual trans women are being forged into the swords that will cut down and destroy repression.. My body, My Mind, and My Spirit are being tempered into perfect sexual tools to liberate those caged by the monsters they don't know how to feed.

Greed : Charity

If you don't feed the monsters inside you they become your captors and influence every aspect of how and why you live. My body shall be a canvas to paint true sexual freedom on..

Sloth : Diligence

My Mouth shall give perfect pleasure to any who seek it, Male, Female, and Non-binary. I can't say if tribing is actually a thing because I haven't the lived experience to say as much.. But I shall turn my mouth into the inverse of vagina dentata.. A pussy with a tongue.

My Ass will give such pleasure and release to those who need to work through their issues of power and powerlessness.. With my ass I will show those who penetrate that though women receive, we are not powerless. We will take the penetration, we may cry.. but in perfect consent.. We will love being filled and command you give more. Women, can and will take everything a man can offer in this way and survive.. We are empowered being filled.. Not weakened. With my ass I will give every man and woman with me the power to move on and past through their sexual regrets.. I will be the imprint of the desire they see as their darkest.. I will be the imprint of the power of inversion.. I will submit and be meek, or not.. As a sacred harlot I will empower people to find catharsis through the fantasies they have held within them..

With my girlcock, I will penetrate and please in a way that heals, even when my partner needs pain to heal.. My girlcock will be sturdy.. or soft.. depending on my partners needs.. I will be the sterile but fierce woman who penetrates all who seek new delights.. Most importantly.. In the service of my Goddess.. I will be with them that seek healing.. and not penetrate.. Unless it is she.. or he.. or they.. who initiates.

Wrath : Forgiveness

Indeed I do wish to feel that warm velvet embrace of a lover that is unlike any other known.. As I write this.. It has been longer than ten years since I have been with a cis woman.. But I serve my Goddess. Happily, and humbly and with perfect serenity. My pleasure is to serve.. My Goddess has made me overwhelmingly happy in this life.. If it is never again my privilege and honor to give worship and service to one who holds the flower, that is something I must accept.. My Goddess requires me to temper my undying lust for beauty into something strong and useful. Something that will help to create a better world.. And so; I can do nothing less than give my Goddess my trust and faith that she will provide me every pleasure I do deserve.. and deny me every pleasure I haven't earned.

In Nomine Babalon 777 LOVE is the LAW.
Envy : Kindness
Love cannot be under Will. Because your true WILL is LOVE. ~Ezmyrelda
Pride : Humility
The Queen Of Random

Pseudo Random Selection that is

I’ve alvays had a thing for randomly selected bits of oddness like quotes and titlebar tags. But the days of adding that kind of stuff is if not impossible than, really just a waste of time. The majority of people use chrome or firefox with tabs or thier OS itself has a titlebar that doesn’t really show these bits of text.

I digress. I didn’t want to make either of these files posts because they are too damn long. But I did want to provide access to them should anybody want to take a gander.

The first is my favorite quotes file. Ezmyrelda’s Favorite Quotes.

The second is my taglines file. These used to go in the titlebar of hifidelity.org When websites had more of a window modality than a tab modality. Hifidelity.org Epic Tagline list.