The Queen Of Random

Pseudo Random Selection that is

I’ve alvays had a thing for randomly selected bits of oddness like quotes and titlebar tags. But the days of adding that kind of stuff is if not impossible than, really just a waste of time. The majority of people use chrome or firefox with tabs or thier OS itself has a titlebar that doesn’t really show these bits of text.

I digress. I didn’t want to make either of these files posts because they are too damn long. But I did want to provide access to them should anybody want to take a gander.

The first is my favorite quotes file. Ezmyrelda’s Favorite Quotes.

The second is my taglines file. These used to go in the titlebar of When websites had more of a window modality than a tab modality. Epic Tagline list.

Summon The Witches

Introducing The Witch Chromosomes Live

We are starting to throw shows so that our band The Witch Chromosomes has somewhere to play out at.
We have an event listing on facebook for our show called Summon The Witches.
The Witch Chromosomes
I Dream of VVitches
Derek M Johnson
+ more performers tba
door charge: tba
Venue location will be announced day of show.
We have to cap attendance around 25 as its a small space.
if you would like to perform at this event,
get in touch at or
We are looking for anything that sounds like anything on this playlist.
We arent super picky or specific about it.
If you arent sure, please just send us a link to your bandcamp anyway.

And less like a thing I rarely use

Just a little update on how I’m doing and what I am up to. It’s basically the same as it ever was. My time is my own so I am usually always tinkering away on some thing or another.

Our band has two shows booked. We are doing the promotion and booking ourselves so we have something to work toward. We have booked another witchpunk band I dream of VVitches and we have also booked a cellist that uses stompboxes for one of the shows.

We have recently personally run in with TERF drama. I won’t benefit them by writing their name but a certain personage has been making quite the disinfo storm locally. I will write more in depth on this person and in general on “trans activism” and feminism in the near future. So that’s a thing that has been happening.

I am in the process of fleshing out several books. For one, the Oly Witch Crew Handbook. Another is a handbook for the digital witch. So, writing has been productive but the majority of it has been behind the scenes.

The crowdfund for the 4th issue of Up The Witchpunx is likely to fail but it will be taken as a learning experience and used to inform us on how to fine tune crowdfunds. Regardless, work is progressing well on the issue itelf.

Finally, I am getting closer to being finished with my Ableton Live template which will help me perform and compose quickly. I will write more in the future on that as well.

As far as everything else.. I won’t comment right now.. Still no impeachment.. our government is super fucked right now.. what can I say.. I’d rather ignore certain aspects of it.. this is just an update about me anyway.

Stay strong.. More very soon.